SRA-NYC develops corporate and social marketing strategies to address health, education and business-related challenges in both the private and public sectors.  Our marketing approach is grounded in the principles of commercial marketing and behavior change theory, as well as the behavioral sciences of psychology, sociology and anthropology. We infuse communication efforts with targeted consumer insights in order to increase awareness and knowledge among desired target audiences, change individual behaviors, enhance skill sets, build community consensus and draw attention from policy makers, the business community and other thought leaders.  By partnering with clients and leveraging consumer insights, we are able to ensure client- and consumer-driven marketing initiatives that have an impact.

As multicultural insight specialists, we have in-depth experience conducting research across a diverse range of cultures and populations, from general consumers and underserved communities to physicians and international public health professionals. The following includes our core offerings in more detail:

  • Campaign Development & Evaluation.  At SRA-NYC, we understand that one of the surest ways to influence behavior and produce desired outcomes is to develop communications that appeal to both the emotional and the rational – in other words, connecting simultaneously with the hearts and minds of intended audiences.  Whether developing a brand platform, personality or positioning area, our work stems from an in-depth understanding of the target audience’s knowledge, attitudes, beliefs and behaviors, as well as the larger cultural context.  We use a range of techniques to generate winning strategies, including ideation workshops, projective exercises and behavioral pathway research, as well as qualitative and quantitative methodologies for creative concept and message testing.
  • Identify Target Audience Insights.  We work with our clients to determine achievable goals for communication campaign efforts, and then set about meeting those challenges by gathering relevant and actionable consumer perspectives.  SRA-NYC collects and analyzes existing information, as well as engages in primary data collection efforts, including in-depth interviews, surveys, ethnographic observation, focus groups and electronic media mining.  For long-term communication campaigns, we conduct behavioral pathways analysis to identify communication and behavior change opportunities and barriers along the awareness--maintenance continuum.  In emergency response situations, which geographically often takes us off the beaten path, we streamline our analytical efforts to yeild essential data in a timely fashion.  Regardless of extenuating circumstances or the methods used, the end result is a deep understanding of those populations who most need to be moved by our communications. 
  • Conduct Market Segmentation.  Identifying and segmenting potential customers based on both attitudinal and behavioral dimensions ensures that marketing and communications efforts are appropriately targeted.  SRA-NYC designs and directs market segmentation and positioning studies to support strategic marketing decisions.  We use qualitative research approaches to identify key drivers that differentiate target audiences, quantitative methodologies to confirm our hypotheses and marketing savvy to generate multiple segment solutions. 
  • Training and Capacity Building in Social Marketing & Message Development.  In order to cultivate clients’ internal capacity to conduct social marketing activities, SRA-NYC offers a 1-2 day social marketing workshop in communication strategy development.  We follow the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC) CDCynergy© Social Marketing Edition behavior change planning model for campaign planning and development. 

    We also offer an intensive 1-day workshop on CDC’s MessageWorks tool, which is a research-based tool that offers an easy and accessible way to improve audience impact and professional collaboration. The training guides participants through a process that allows them to predict their ability to influence health behavioral intentions and action, and discover which audiences might respond well to a particular message. Health communicators are thus able to maximize their resources and ensure that their messages are effective and defendable. SRA-NYC’s Founding Director, Dr. Abbatangelo-Gray, has been formally trained by CDC developers to use the MessageWorks tool, and was an early contributor to its development.

Our scope of marketing and communications expertise also includes disaster preparedness and emergency risk communication, whereby consumer insights are leveraged to produce life-saving awareness and behavior change in a time-sensitive environment. 


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Jodie and her SRA-NYC team brought great marketing research rigor and a questioning mind to a major primary care physician insight mining project. She also kept us on course.

Noriko Yokoi, Ph.D.
EVP, Customer Experience at H4B Chelsea